How conservative are Singaporean girls?

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Post by PNGMK » Mon, 28 Apr 2014 8:29 am

JR8 wrote:
PNGMK wrote: I have never thought deeply about it... but have sometimes wondered whether the raw deal women got when Australia was first settled is part of the reason (women were shipped out as whores, Abo women turned into sex slaves etc).
I'm not sure about that.

I remember an article (UK newspaper) maybe 3-4 years ago, showing images of a collection of the court records of criminals 'transported' to Australia in punishment for a crime, with original hand-written record card details of the person, description (very un-PC back then!), crime, and sentence, together with a photo. IIRC they were from maybe 1840-1870?

It was incredibly poignant as so many of them were children, and a lot were girls. Deported (from London) for things like 'attempting to snatch a gentleman's pocket watch' to ditto for a lace handkerchief from a shop, to even stealing a loaf of bread!

You can see why I remember it quite so vividly, it was amazing the severity of punishment handed down to even minors.
And those girls would have had a rough time and there's be a generational memory of that persisting even today...

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Post by JR8 » Mon, 28 Apr 2014 8:40 am

uscate wrote:REALLY? I'm so sorry your view of women (oh, and blacks and Jews) is so negatively skewed. What a horrible world you must live in to have the triple whammy of sexist, racist AND religious biases informing your view of reality!

Ah, the reach of the American thought-police is long!

'Blacks and Jews', it being an historic expression referring broadly to any/all minority groups. I'm denigrating neither, and I'd imagine you could only take offence at that if you are seeking it.

I didn't express any view of 'women'; the suggestion is a silly one. I described the woman I worked for, and a tendency for some women on Wall St to feel that they have to 'out-macho' men. Again, only someone seeking offence would read that and in their mind broaden it out to accuse that I 'think negatively' about half of the human race.

The irony is the wild witch-hunt nature of the accusations are representative of the kind of paranoia that I was alluding to. QED.

Do you remember that anecdote of mine from some time back? Here, it's in this topic . There's a good anecdote on not dissimilar lines in there from ZZM too.

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Post by Beeroclock » Mon, 28 Apr 2014 10:03 am

sundaymorningstaple wrote:Have your children reached Secondary school yet? Once they do, they'll come back with numerous stories. (which aren't "stories"). The abortion clinics here are not going bankrupt. There are stories in the press all the time about girls giving birth in toilets, or stairwells. Of course you don't find them on the front pages of the Local Bird Cage Liner but you will find them buried in the middle & back pages of the New Paper and the other tabloid types. (LBCL is a government mouthpiece so you wont see it there, obviously). It is fairly widespread and has been for a long, long time. (Both of my kids went through the local system and have their fair share of stories to tell). All of them? Of course not. But I reckon the percentages are just as high here as in any other country brought up on a diet of MTV and other western media. And the numbers that don't practice safe sex is mind-numbing. This is because in Asian societies, the parents don't take the forefront in sex educating their children and they also frown on the Schools doing so. Therefore it becomes a hit or miss proposition with garbage from the internet not helping matters.
A long way off secondary, still both in nappies actually ! So perhaps it's a sheltered existence thus far for me in these matters

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