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PEP Questions

Posted: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 6:19 am
by Aloha1
I have some questions on PEP timing that I want to make sure I have right in my head. Thanks for your help.

1) Is it correct to say that from the date of receiving the IPA letter, I have 6 months to collect the PEP from MOM, and then *another* 6 months from the date of collection to actually find a job? So all in, from date of IPA, 12 months max if you stretch each stage to its limit?

2) If I'm approved for a PEP and I activate it at MOM on Aug 31st, on Dec 31st (the calendar year deadline for salary declaration), if I've not found a job, that's OK as I still have 2 months left - but do I have to submit a $0 salary declaration?

3) Can you have two jobs, together totaling S$144k in annual salary? Or is it only allowed to be one job with a fixed annual salary over that amount?

4) This ones a nested question, sorry. If I'm offered a job before Dec 31st earning a fixed salary of >S$144k, great. But, if it's less than S$144k/yr, should I :
a) accept it pre-Dec 31st, and declare the lower than S$144k fixed salary at year-end. If so, what happens (as in theory I'm in violation of the salary floor)? Do I basically have two more months to find a job that does pay that amount?
b) accept it after Dec 31st, so that I declare $0 (in theory still 'job hunting') on Dec 31st, and have another 12 mos until the next salary declaration to find another job that does in fact pay more than S$144k.
Can I stay in Singapore on a PEP until Dec 2015 in this case, even if I stay in the job making less than S$144k? Or do employers have to declare to MOM sooner than that what they're paying PEP holders?

5) Can I enter Singapore on the normal 30-day visa-free basis, apply for the PEP while in Singapore, and expect an answer within 30 days? I know the website says 3-5 weeks. Just wondering if given Singapore efficiency, this in reality is much less - meaning I won't have to leave Singapore after 30 days and re-enter once/if the PEP is approved.

In reality I don't expect to have too much trouble finding a role in excess of the S$144k floor. I more want to understand the rules in case it's harder to find a new job than I expected and I have to go to Plan B.

Appreciate all your input. Thanks, and aloha.

Posted: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 7:09 am
by sundaymorningstaple
If somebody wants to do all the work for him, all the answers to his questions are here already and can be asked and answered umpteen times. A simple search would probably answer all his questions.

Posted: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 7:37 am
by Aloha1
Wow, my mistake. I thought a forum specifically created for "Singapore PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas" would be somewhere to find people who could, in a friendly way, sanity check my understanding on questions related to a process I'm still somewhat unfamiliar with.

Having read through practically every PEP post on this forum (and others), and finding many of those posts having been made prior to the rule change in Dec 2012, I *think* (operative word here) I have things straight in my head.
I was simply looking for a sounding board from folks who've walked this path before.

Obviously, I've come to the wrong place.