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Postby ksl » Sun, 09 Jan 2005 3:41 am

Sunday morning 3.02 I will probably regret writing this when i wake up!

But i couldn't help thinking about women! why why why do they always, wish to change mens habits, no matter what habit a man has, a woman will always want to change him, into something they perceive to be correct. :!:

Sometimes I believe it's a dogs life :arrow:

You know, like the dog you have, that cocks its leg up and pisses on the table leg!!!!!!!! oh if only i could do that, maybe the shock of it, may just hit home.

after all the nagging a man has to suffer day in and day out! christ almighty I never learnt anything from all the stupid birds i've had in my life time, how come i cannot learn from the mistakes :idea:

My hand is up! I never married them, never listened to them, just told them to piss off if they didn't like my ways. should i again :!:

Married twice in my life, two adult children, in fact i'm a grandad twice over, but hey! I'm not old enough to decide if i can have a beer! Bleep bleep bleep, nag nag nag! record stuck, I've herad it all before dear i say.

We can't afford it, we have to budget, you always spend to much, nag nag nag, isn't it enough to drive any man insane! really she doesn't know how close she is coming to getting the red flag :twisted:

I'm retired, i say, I'm supposed to relax and enjoy life! go on holiday 3 or 4 times a year, what is it you want from me?

why don't you go out and work and i will retire comes the reply! :lol:

Come on love! I do the washing the cleaning the cooking, take the kids to school, make your meals, do the laundry. make the beds, jump when you say jump, give me a break eh~ :x

But when it comes to putting a Tiger in my tank, then hey hey hey!!! have i not earned it? why do you have to drink all the time (once a month) why do you have to nag all the time(every day) :evil: :evil: :evil: it goes on and on and on

Finally after my nostalgic thoughts, of haven't i had all this shit many times before, why why why, I can never find an explanation

why is it women just love to try and change their partners? what are they afraid of?

Maybe its getting around that time to exchange for a new model, You know one of those kind you blow up, and looks like Kojak with his mouth open. But really I would be at a loss, not her, why because i love her!

Does she love me? christ what do you think, she's a women!!! :D

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Postby Strong Eagle » Sun, 09 Jan 2005 6:58 am

Maybe it's your choice of women. :)

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