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The ICA ripped me off!

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Rip Off

The ICA ripped me off!

Postby Rip Off » Sun, 09 Jan 2005 2:32 am

Ok, I just have to vent here!! The company that just hired me a few weeks back, applied for my EP and as I have been through this drill before, I dropped off my application myself. I was told to check back in about one weeks time. So I called when I was supposed to and I was told that it would be yet another two weeks due to a large amount of applications. Considering that this would occur after my SVP expired, I asked what to do next. They told me to come in a few days before for an extension. Two days before my SVP was due to expire, I went back to ICA and they gladly gave me a one month extension. But that is not why I'm upset. When I was at the counter, I asked the lady to check to see when my EP would be approved and she looked at her computer with a big smile on her face and said that it would be approved in the "next few days". From this point, I had to go and pay $40 just to get my one month extension. When I enquired about this, they said that since it's my second one in the past year, they charge. So I pay and I'm on my way.

And it gets even better. I stop by my new workplace shortly after and upon arrival I get handed a paper from the MOM. It said, congratulations on the approval of your EP. The letter was dated a week prior to the day I received it. So this lady at ICA actually knew that it was already approved (hence her smile) and I believe that they wanted to just get my money. Had I been told that it was already approved, it would have saved me the $40. Now I want my money back. Do I have any recourse or should I just consider it gone for good?

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Postby Strong Eagle » Sun, 09 Jan 2005 6:40 am

Gracious, my man! Have you considered that she smiled because she was happy to see that you got your pass?

You imply that there is some sort of well timed conspiracy to time things down to the last nanosecond as a cash extraction method. I truly doubt this is the case.

In my contacts with MoM and ICA I've found nothing but pleasant people doing their jobs. I don't think you can expect perfection in a person or process, even if they could have saved you $40, unless you can certify that are also perfect in all you do.

Let it rest. You got what you needed. You don't know the circumstances under which they were working. Dealing with the authorities here is easy to compared to many places. Assume the best about your fellow man and woman. Life is so much more fun that way.

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