maid's levy?

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maid's levy?

Post by L.M. » Sat, 08 Jan 2005 6:37 pm

What's with this so-called maid's levy here? I guess an economist would really call it a special tax on the poor maid, right? If there are about 120k maids here, and each at about $345, or whatever, it looks like this windfall of untold millions EVERY MONTH just go to the govn't for nothing.
I guess these other foreign workers also have to pay a levy too, the guys you see riding in the backs of the trucks, etc. Some people say it's the employer paying it, but that's false. If it weren't for the levy, the employer would have to pay it to the maid, or whatever the free market price of that labour is. Part-time seems to be about 8-10 $/hr. I guess these people are here voluntarily so it's not exactly slavery, but just a sort of what they called 'modern forms of slavery'. I've never seen any kind of justification either for this ridiculous policy. Anybody know?

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Post by yoongf » Sat, 08 Jan 2005 9:31 pm

FAQ on this topic from the govt websites ...

Since the Government recognises that FDWs play an important role why is there a need to regulate the demand for FDWs? What are the negative implications of having a large pool of FDWs?

Allowing all families easy access to FDWs will result in over-reliance on FDWs to meet our domestic needs and an influx of foreign workers. It will stunt the growth of our local domestic cleaning industry. There will also be immediate social costs like overcrowding and congestion of public places. The management of a large number of FDWs, such as, resolving disputes, dealing with runaway FDWs or errant employers, preventing the illegal deployment of FDWs, require substantial costs which are borne not only by employers of FDWs but also the public.

Thus, instead of prohibiting the employment of FDWs, the Government prefers to moderate the demand for FDWs with a levy set at the appropriate level.,1858,20 ... -1,00.html

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