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Plastic Surgery in Phuket, Thailand

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Plastic Surgery in Phuket, Thailand

Post by tofukitty » Wed, 05 Mar 2014 11:01 am

I’ve been silently creeping the ‘Plastic surgery in Thailand [Bangkok/Hatyai]’ thread after deciding that I wanted to get double eyelids, rhinoplasty and a BA done in Thailand.

Am from Malaysia, and initially I wanted to go over to Bangkok cause I’ve seen so many great reviews about the doctors in Bumrungrad Hospital, plus prices are way better than if I were to do it in Malaysia/Singapore, even US and Canada. But my family wouldn’t allow because of the political unrest so I researched into Hatyai and Phuket.

I guess I just wanted to post and help out other forummers just like how everyone has helped me out. I’ve gained so much knowledge from reading the Bangkok/Hatyai thread, and I wanted to let others know that Phuket is also another option to consider.

I chose to go with Phuket International Aesthetic Centre (PIAC) in Phuket. I’ve read great reviews on all the plastic surgeons (seems like the hospital of choice for many Australians and New Zealanders looking to get cosmetic work done). Only thing I was slightly worried about was that there didn’t seem to be much feedback from people of Asian ethnicities, but all the doctors there were very highly praised anyways and had excellent credentials, so I went ahead and booked with Dr. Rushapol.

The doctor was amazing and he made me feel at ease right when I got into the consultation. I told him what I was hoping to achieve for eyelids (parallel if possible), and the final look I would have wanted for my BA. I decided not to do my nose anymore. He had first recommended a silicone implant (I have a bulbous nose tip) and I was hesitant about doing too much all at once. The doctor actually agreed when he saw me that I didn’t have to do my nose if I didn’t want to because he doesn’t really think I need it. But I think he was just trying to be nice lol. Though this just shows that he isn’t pushy or money-hungry, and what happened next with my mother totally affirmed it.

My mother had come with me and wanted to get upper and lower eyelids done to correct the sagginess in her eyes. Dr. Rushapol was honest with her and told her that a forehead lift would actually correct all the issues she had with her wrinkles and droopy eyelids. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay the full 14 days he required for a forehead lift. He was kind and said that he doesn’t want to push her into doing a bunch of smaller procedures that won’t really correct her problems, so he could cancel her surgeries altogether until next time when she would be able to stay longer. She went ahead and had a lower blepharoplasty anyways and will come back another time to get a forehead lift like he suggested.

I’m 1st day post-op and I have all my bandages and everything on still so I can’t really tell myself how my eyes and boobs look (from peeking down they look great so far, but a little high up). The doctor had suggested 300CC high profile round silicones for me because of my frame (I’m 5’2, 50kg), and i’m hoping they drop sooner than later. They look very fake right now, but I am happy. I finally have boobs after being an A cup for so long! And he took his time explaining and drawing and making sure everything was right with my eyes and boobs that he got backed up with other patients.

The prices maybe higher than Hatyai, and probably around the same as the well-known surgeons from the Bangkok hospitals. ... rices.aspx

I have also emailed Dr. Chirayut and it seems like his prices have gone up as well since he’s moved to Phuket. But it depends on which surgery I suppose. Eyelid surgery was lower than PIAC (about 20,000 THB?), but I was quoted 125,000 THB for BA with Dr. Chirayut - which is 10,000 THB higher than what I paid at PIAC.

One thing others must know about PIAC is that the doctors are very strict about staying in Phuket for the recommended days for recovery. They are very careful with their patients and they want to make sure everything is going smoothly before they send us on our way home on the last day. If you can’t stay the full length of time they request, they may not even do the surgery for you.

Anyways my pain meds are kicking in so I’m getting quite groggy. I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I decided to start a thread on my own about other PS options available in Phuket. And the views of the beaches are amazinggg! Great place to relax and recuperate. Hope this helps :)

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