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meat pies!! can get where ah?

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Post by JR8 » Sat, 17 May 2014 8:33 pm

It is one of those places that you don't expect to find, but then when you do, find it's something really quite special:

So, in the vein so far:-

Very reasonably priced, for what it is:
- Gourmet Pie Company, as above.
- 'Ambush' - crazy name but good nosh. It has two stalls facing each other outside (and a bit into the chaos and kiosks) the Cold Storage check-outs in Ngee Ann basement. Good (Swiss Butcher) sausages, mash, rosti, kraut + gravy - a la carte, so you pick and choose.
- That strange place up at Wessex Estate near Queenstown [named ColBar, or Colonial Bar]. It was a British army canteen or something. It is away from the hubba, just 2-3 buildings out on their own on the edge of grass fields. It IS rather like canteen food, so DO expect deep fried spam fritters beans and chips! The curry is pretty good. It is very rough and ready, and is open-air to the sides. But they have three full height fridges full of niche beers, ales and ciders to die for, and they're not crazy expensive! A very un-SGn experience. ... onial_bar/
- Handburger @ Raffles City. It's good, though not in the league of the others here (Excl Colbar). The point that let's them down for me is that they won't serve a burger with a done-ness of less than medium... so not somewhere I'd rush to return again, as medium/+ is not to my taste, but might be to others.

Going upmarket:
- Brotzeit @ Raffles City, ground floor, facing the outside. Rather like the offering from Ambush, but in a sophisticated setting, and great range of beers. Last time there I had bratwurst, rosti, kraut, washed down with a Paulaner weiss-brau, and it was very authentic.
- Mad Cow, Japanese steak etc restaurant, immaculate quality, though pretty $, so an occasional treat for us.

I'd like to be able to recommend a place for good fish and chips, but can't think of one off the top of my head. Ditto for baby-back ribs, and a good Japanese (hand rolled sushi, and a good sukiyaki would be nice to find). Suggestions welcome!

Unfortunately the very high entry costs (rent etc) to set up a restaurant seem to lead to the mass offering being rather mundane and predictable.

--- coincidentally this lunch-time I was reading a NYT article about foreigners shaking up the stolid and predictable Parisian bistrot scene. I see parallels...

France's New Wave of chefs

' Who, at long last, is remaking French cuisine? Not the French.'

Edited for: correct name/location of ex British Army canteen

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