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Salary & Negotiation Advice, Medical Industry

Post by NewYork1986 » Wed, 26 Feb 2014 11:53 pm

Hi all, I know this is a frequent question but I've looked through previous posts and haven't found my answer and this message board has been a wealth of knowledge!

I came to Singapore without a job and since then I've been going on interviews and exploring opportunities. Now it seems as though I've potentially secured (my dream) role at a large and established MNC medical device company. I think the salary discussion is next and I have been trying to do research to find out a ballpark figure. My title would be Regional Medical Science Advisor. I have the necessary degrees and professional qualifications, and 5 years experience. The position would include 50% travel. I've looked on different recruitment agency's singapore salary guides but the variance between the figures and roles was too vague and not informative.

I was contacted directly by their HR so I don't have a headhunter to negotiate for me. When it comes to the salary package, would I be expecting too much to hope for a housing allowance? Even if it was a humble figure, I don't mind flatsharing. I've previously negotiated my salary package while working in China and salary would be paid 16months with other perks like my company would pay my local tax, and 1 flight back to the US every year. I'm not expecting that here. Is there anything else I should expect or try and fight for?

Can anyone give suggest a suitable salary for this position and advise me on what package to expect (if any!). I'm unmarried so don't need to worry about school fees, but I don't even know what would be an adequate salary to live comfortably on. Thank you in advance!

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Post by beppi » Thu, 27 Feb 2014 4:50 pm

The various salary surveys published by recruiters and consultancies are usually quite comprehensive. If your profession shows a wide range there it may be that you are in a small niche with no standards.
Eventually, only you and your employer can know what you are worth in that particular constellation. (Singapore headhunters are anyway engaged and paid for by the employer and thus will not negotiate on your behalf.)
Regarding additional perks: If you are hired locally (and under local terms), such perks are unusual. Instead, you should concentrate on getting the best possible base salary.
Living costs have been discussed widely on this forum (search!). also gives a good indication.

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Post by Beeroclock » Thu, 27 Feb 2014 5:06 pm

beppi wrote:Regarding additional perks: If you are hired locally (and under local terms), such perks are unusual. Instead, you should concentrate on getting the best possible base salary.

+1. Negotiation here can often ask employee to make the first move to declare the current and desired salary, which I found unusual and tricky to decide how to respond to this.

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Post by BoroBoy » Thu, 27 Feb 2014 8:57 pm

call some recruiters and say you are looking for this type of job and ask them what salary you think you should aim for.

Then when negotiating with the company do not give them a figure until they have given you a salary range they have in mind for the role. I have always managed to do that in negotiations. Then position yourself at the top of the range.

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