My plastic surgery adventure in Korea!

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My plastic surgery adventure in Korea!

Post by petiteminime » Tue, 25 Feb 2014 12:45 am

I finally did it!!

After many months of consideration and intensive research...

I stepped foot in korea on 6th Feb and went consultation at Pitangui.
Had my surgeries on 7th Feb.

these are the surgeries they performed on me:

- Bridge Augmentation: Building up the bridge/profile line of my nose. Silicon will be implanted for my case.
- Tip Reduction and Tip Plasty: Manipulation of the arched lower lateral cartilages to increase the projection of the tip. Ear cartiledge (my own) will be used for my nose tip to make it more defined.
- Alarplasty: Reducing the width of the nostrils using closed incisions (stitches will be done on the insides of the nostrils rather than the outside so that there will be no visible scars)

2) Incisional double eyelid and lazy eye correction
An incision is made at the proposed height and skin is removed according to pre-existing anatomical conditions.

3) Fats graft to smile lines also known as paranasal augmentation
a method to inflate depression
above the upper jaw from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth.
Adding volume to these areas straightens nasolabial folds,
achieving younger appearance in general. This is a semi- permanent surgery as fats will dissolve over the months and only about 40% will remain.

4) Chin augmentation via fats graft
To lengthen my chin making it more proportioned and defined. Using fats graft here would be more natural than silicon implant and same as above, this is also a semi-permanent surgery as fats will dissolve over the months leaving only about 40% surviving.

Some before and after pictures.

Before surgery

After surgery pics:




Day 14.

These 2 latest pics are taken with make up =)

I'm still recovering, today is my 18th day post op, will continue to post and update this thread regarding my recovery and the procedures i've been thru.

More details in my blog:

I hope this would help all those who are interested in getting plastic surgery done and who are not sure. I have received a lot of help from this forum by reading and absorbing information, thus leading to my decision and now I hope to help others too :)

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Post by smurfzzz » Sun, 09 Mar 2014 12:34 am

Hi how much did you spent in total

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