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Daytime confinement nanny and confinement nanny agencies

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Daytime confinement nanny and confinement nanny agencies

Postby Mercutio » Sat, 22 Feb 2014 12:11 am

Hi everyone!

I’m not a Mom or a Mom-to-be, but a DAD-to-be. Hope I can still post in this part of the forum! ;)

I’m looking for a confinement nanny for my wife. We do not need to follow the traditional confinement, though my wife would be happy to eat the confinement food. But we still think a confinement nanny is a great idea to help my wife rest a little and help us taking care of the baby.

Here’s the question: what’s a good place to get a modern, English-speaking confinement nanny in Singapore? I’m leaning towards approaching one of the confinement nanny agencies. I’m looking at and Both offer medically certified nannies (infant care certificate from local hospitals). Has anyone used either agency? What’s your experience? Do you recommend avoiding an agency?

Many thanks! :)

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