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M1 service has deteriorated.

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M1 service has deteriorated.

Postby goldenvoice » Tue, 18 Feb 2014 5:48 pm

What with the latest boo-boo by M1, I'm sure there's gonna be a lot more to come. M1's service has, in my opinion, certainly deteriorated. Having been a loyal customer for more than 15 years, I've never seen better treatment from them since 3-4 years ago. When it was time for me to upgrade my handphone, they suddenly told me that I've got an old bill of $170+. When prodded further, they replied that it was an unpaid 4 year-old bill. Then, I asked them, how come for this past 2 years, I could upgrade my handphone without any problem at all, they couldn't answer me. Strange, isn't it? So, I questioned them on how M1's system could be so lousy that it never showed up until 4 years later? Naturally, I found it very suspicious that they suddenly 'pulled out' this 'trick' just when it was time for my handphone upgrade. Has anyone out there encountered the same problem as I did?
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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Tue, 18 Feb 2014 5:56 pm

No, but you should lose the bold face type as it's rather rude on a forum, it's like you are shouting or are mad at us. Very rude.

Other than that, Yes, Singtel pulled a similar stunt with me several years ago. Been with Starhub ever since.

Suck it up. None of the telcos here are worth a crap.

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