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Rental experience and tips to share with tenants

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Re: Rental experience and tips to share with tenants

Postby Jasen119 » Wed, 15 Aug 2018 1:30 pm

woaw... your experience was quite awful.

Mine was neither good.

My girlfriend rental was one year and I just help her moved out few days ago. Well I could said her landlord is definitely not a normal person even though he looks totally normal at all the way during entire year my girlfriend renting his house.

So this's what happened...when my gf rental almost ended for a year, she decided to move out so could move closer to her current company. So landlord, a single 40-50 years old man, who works as an engineer, was informed my gf will move out on the next month, and he agreed on the move out notice. He was behaving all year normal till the end, I feel I must advise you guys should never find a single old man landlord, especially for female to rent room. Not judgment but he was behaving weird the day my gf moved out.

During the moving day I was there to help her moving stuff, then landlord need to check all the equipment and everything. So did he. He start checking lighting(those 3 light bulb below ceiling fan), and then he ask my gf why she always on the light during day times, not one light not two light is three light all on together. To be fair that was 12pm noon time sun bright and shine, but even 3 lights on the rooms is not that bright, and is pretty normal when you have one switch to control all light and fan, I mean that is not a big deal.

Move on, he checked all other things and seem working fine. Then he went on check the washing machine and tell us that my gf using it last night and what if is broke that he need to check. Oh? I didn't know if you had been staying in the house and using the wm for 10 years and it happened to be broke whoever last person use it had responsibility? It makes no sense at all. So my gf did explain to him u're engineer should understand things are wear & tear, if you had been using for years that will not be her problem since she only stay for a year. Fortunately all things are working fine.

In the end when we walking out of the room, there HE DROPPED THE BOMB. He said, " Luckily you move out, did you know? THE BED YOU SLEEPING PREVIOUS LANDLORD DIED ON IT.(before he took over the property)"

1. First of all, if is a joke, it's not funny.

2. Second of all, if is true, you shouldn't tell by now. What's the point you tell by now when my gf moving out.

3. If is true, you wish to keep the bed you could use it, since you had rent it for so many ppl, where's the moral gone??? You sell people food and tell them all the container been lick by my pet cat and dog, I never WASH. You take the rental and you can't affort a new bed & mattress? My consider as her CUSTOMER! I'm so deadly mad. Since you want to keep why you not dare to USE IT?

It's not finish yet, so when we going off and he returned deposit to my gf, he said to my gf " You're moving out just on time. I'm going to German working for a year. ” Then we asked him when he's flying, he said next week Wednesday. So IF MY GF NEVER NOTICE HIM, a year contract fullfill he can ask my gf to MOVE OUT ANY TIME(LIKE THE NEXT DAY????)

If you're female tenant, I advised you never look for male landlord if they're single and big age. Few point below(not trying to be discriminate):

1. Since he's male and single, he should avoid finding female tenant to avoid misunderstanding. If he looking for female ONLY, properly revealing his personality of calculative. Perhaps he's super clean person he prefer female tenant to keep it clean instead of male tenant? If that is the case, he's not likely to be an easy going landlord.

2. If he's ONLY LOOKING FOR FEMALE TENANT, there's the risk he could had special intention such as harassment etc. Again not discriminate but there's possibility. Or else how he knows my gf open 3 lights? He had 3rd eyes or camera? Cringe to think about it!

All and all, avoid looking for this unit, 734 Yishun Ave 5 and is 12 level, unit i won't reveal but in any case you're looking at this address and 12 floor and the landlord match the same criteria, AVOID AVOID!

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Re: Rental experience and tips to share with tenants

Postby sundaymorningstaple » Wed, 15 Aug 2018 3:03 pm

I think the biggest problem your gf has is you. Everything you have said pertains to both genders and and any mixed up genders as well. Additionally, nobody has a monopoly on pervs. Can be any gender or combinations of genders either single or married, young or old. Methinks you walk around with a chip on your shoulder.

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