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How to get foreign children enrolled in SG preschools?

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How to get foreign children enrolled in SG preschools?

Postby FoxDeity » Fri, 24 Nov 2017 5:13 pm

Recently there have been multiple horrifying child abuse cases in Beijing and Shanghai. Yesterday the worst inhuman scandal that you can imagine went burst: ... ndergarten
This NYSE listed kindergarten abuses, drugs and even organizes group raping upon children under 4 years old like running a brothel.

Given such severe cases are happening in most advanced city like Beijing and Shanghai in China, the parents are in deep fear about their kids' safety and human rights. Many are thinking of sending their children to Singapore for a safe early age care. But they are not working expats in Singapore, applying visa for these young toddlers could be very tricky.

We'd appreciate a lot if you can share your knowledge and experiences on how foreigners (who are not working or residing in Singapore) can send their children here for early age cares. This could help my family and many concerned parents a lot. Thanks in advance!

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Re: How to get foreign children enrolled in SG preschools?

Postby justnile » Mon, 18 Dec 2017 4:25 pm

If budget is not a concern, most pre-schools will accept you. I don't think abuse in childcare is prevalent in Singapore. You can probably be a bit more specific about where you are residing and the age group of your child.

The most common example will be Malaysian not residing nor working in SG. Their homes are just across the causeway in Johor. They send their children into SG daily. These children are usually in their primary and secondary school. The commute is tough and they wake up at 5am daily to make it to school by 730am. It is getting more difficult to get a place in a good school in SG as government has changed rulings to give absolute priority to citizens.

Next are parents who send their children to boarding schools. The popular ones like UWC and Hwa Chong caters to high school or secondary level age groups. They costs about $35~k per annum and boarding is another $35k so all in about $70-80k to have one child on boarding at these schools.

For younger age groups (where the child is 4 year old?!?), I don't think there are any schools that cater to these children.

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Re: How to get foreign children enrolled in SG preschools?

Postby sundaymorningstaple » Mon, 18 Dec 2017 6:58 pm

As we cannot post most of the local news links here, just do a Google search with the following 'singapore kindergarten child abuse' There are plenty of cases here in Singapore. Some caught on film, some not.

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