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Travel expert available for any questions!

Postby chanjy89 » Mon, 11 Dec 2017 5:35 pm

Hi everyone!

My name is Jason and I am a Singaporean entrepreneur who have founded multiple companies and sold a few. My most recent project is a Q&A platform that allows people to ask experts questions and get a short video response back.

One of our experts is fellow Singaporean Jaclynn Seah. Some of you might know her from her awesome travel blog, The Occasional Traveller. She hopes to leverage on her vast travelling experience to answer any questions fellow travelers might have (eg. where does she find the best traveling discounts, what are her best travel hacks, etc). There are also experts from other fields such as beauty and fitness.

The mobile app is still currently in beta and we only have a limited number of signups available, so please kindly send me a PM to get a link to the platform. .



I have not deleted your post (yet) but it comes very close to advertising. If your services and apps are completely free, your post will stand, and you can edit to restore your email address. If there is ANY cost to users, now or in the future, your post will be deleted.


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