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loc pending input from vetting agencies

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Re: Re:LOC Pending

Postby Strong Eagle » Fri, 19 May 2017 9:16 pm

thitha wrote:
Strong Eagle wrote:
thitha wrote:Still my LOC applcation is in "pending" status. What could be the concern?

It's probably not you. Scammers have caused the gahmen to be much more careful. Everybody gets more thoroughly checked out. Takes longer with limited manpower.

Eventually, they will tell you if you are in or out.

I applied on April 6 th 2017 still mine is in pending state after 6 weeks what could be the reason? What can be expected. will there be progress in my application?


Who knows? It could just be processing delays because of a shortage of manpower and lots of applications.

Or, they could be looking very closely at the job you will be taking. Maybe they think it is dodgy. Maybe they think it is a ruse, one job description actually used to hide the job you will be doing. Or maybe they are interested in what the salary really will be versus what the company is saying. You can't know... but one reason LOC's have been tightened up is scamming companies.

Or, they may be looking at your qualifications. Maybe they are waiting for the uni's to send copies of your transcripts or diplomas. Maybe they are asking old employers for history. You can't know... but if they have asked, you will wait until everything is received.

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