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Acne and acne scar cream in singapore

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Re: Acne and acne scar cream in singapore

Postby earthfriendly » Fri, 19 May 2017 11:20 am

The best routine that has helped keep the acne at bay for me:

- weekly 10 min facial steam + exfoliation using similar product like this one ... +exfoliate

- daily nightly * oil cleansing using ... lt,pd.html + argan oil (as a moisturize, comedogenic rating = 0)

- daily morning cleanse with water + argan oil for moisturizing

* Shu Uemura's oil cleanser is the only cleanser that has worked for me. It delivers what it promises and goes deep down in cleansing the pores. I had wasted too much time and money on the rest, in the past.

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Re: Acne and acne scar cream in singapore

Postby taxico » Mon, 22 May 2017 11:27 am

because earthfriendly replied, i'll add on to scar reduction...

i've got heaps of scars from various motorcycles and car crashes and am prone to keloids.

a friend (dermatologist) gave me a tube of tretinoin cream last year (free, near expiration date), which i have been regularly applying on one particularly (big) scarred patch.

it's been about 9 months since i started. it's probably improved in color, size and comfort by at least 75%. the reason i know is because i only applied it to 2/3 of the scar's surface area so i can gauge how well it works.

after 6 months, i've started rubbing it into the other 1/3 and various other scars as well.

it's not available OTC but you can ask your doctor if it's suitable for you.
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Re: Acne and acne scar cream in singapore

Postby terralovina » Wed, 24 May 2017 5:12 pm

Would you consider going for laser treatment? I have been going for 3 times (Q-switch laser) for my ongoing acne + acne scar problem. I have seen a huge difference on my face. I was resisting doing laser at first and opted for regular chemical peel facial. Though chemical peel facial does help in enlightening my overall complexion, but I did not get any significant improvement on my acne scar (have been going for 8 months at the moment, still doing it bc I still have 10 more times until my package finishes). There is no downtime at all doing Q-switch facial, and just make sure it is the dermatologist/doctor doing it for you, not a beautician.

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