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Incorporation of company in Singapore and opening business bank account

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Re: Incorporation of company in Singapore and opening business bank account

Postby JonaBoss » Fri, 14 Oct 2016 12:03 pm

Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful :-)

As promised, here is the feedback of the agency.

1) Our company does provide local nominee director service. Our fee charge is as follows :-


Generally, clients will engage my nominee service for 3 months while at the meantime we apply EP for the director. Once the director obtained his/her EP, the nominee service will ceased and the deposit will be refunded.

I have enclosed Notes on EP application stipulating the documents required for the EP application.

We would prefer to act as nominee director only to assist client with the setting up of the company and would strongly encouraged director to go for EP as we may not want to remain our name permanently as director. Reason because it may be too costly for you to retain my name and moreover only you would understand your business well.

2.It is true that the liability and responsibilities of a local director is very onerous. Hence, we would prefer not to act as local director permanently because we need to understand the nature of your business and to be fully involved to be confident enough to answer all queries that may be posed by IRAS or ACRA. Hence, we would prefer you to obtain your EP because the company belongs to you and you know best what is transacted.

3.So far all our clients have no issue with bank account opening. 100% of clients manage to open their bank accounts.

I have not replied yet, but will do so later this afternoon. I will use some of your comments to explain my point of view. If there is anything else that you haven't told me and that I must tell my agency, your comments as always are highly appreciated.

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Re: Incorporation of company in Singapore and opening business bank account

Postby okonu » Fri, 14 Oct 2016 5:24 pm

Well, if you get an EP, by definition you are a tax resident of Singapore, so the stuff on with holding taxes doesn't apply.

There's a long thread on entrepass/ EP etc, you can read that

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