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Beer Bottles with Wire Straps

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Beer Bottles with Wire Straps

Post by martincymru » Tue, 26 May 2015 5:38 pm

I brought back a 24 pint beer kit from UK last week.

Anyone got a few (say 10 or so) beer bottles with wire straps (for a nominal fee)? I think the bottles often come from Germany but I don't see them here.

Alternatively suggest a large bottle(s) to buy that is secure/air tight for the secondary fermentation.

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Re: Beer Bottles with Wire Straps

Post by JR8 » Tue, 26 May 2015 10:07 pm

Ooh stroking brad[*], that's pretty 'specialist'.
I've seen the wire-ceramic stoppered bottles here, but only on expensive beer, usually Germany/Belgian. Even in Germany itself they have a depo on them of about euro0.50 each (normal bottles have a depo of something minimal like euro0.08).
When my dad used to homebrew he used big 2-4pt brown glass bottles. Which had ceramic stoppers w/orange rubber washers on them. Those got sterilised and re-used over and over. I only home-brewed the once back in my teens, and those bottles even then were hard to find, or expensive to buy from a homebrew shop. I ended up using one pint bottles (Sam Smiths, Youngs, Theakstones etc) and simply doing the 'crown-corking' at home. You buy the blanks and a mold thing, and just whack them with a hammer. In fact my dad did similar on his last few batches too...
So, in your shoes.... [and you know is home-brewing here even legal, it used to be illegal]... I'd consider the crown-corking route on regular 0.5l bottles. I'd also research on some home-brew sites and see if you can use regular UPVC water/soda bottles... not pretty or glam, but loads around. Why not, some of those bottles are incredibly strong and well made.
Jeez man, setting off a brew here it must go like a rocket! :-D

--- I drew and designed/printed/adhered my own beer label - that was a lot of fun too
[In fact you've scratched by home-brew itch again.... Please keep this topic going with your progress]
*A remarkable typo there, that I've left for posterity! I meant 'stroking my beard' :-D
'Do it or do not do it: You will regret both' - Kierkegaard

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