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please help !!!

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please help !!!

Postby ivann.chua » Thu, 29 Jan 2015 8:19 pm

Hi all,

Thank you for your time reading this. I would like to seek help from you kind hearted people out there to share your experience or advise if you had come accross similar situation as us.

My little beautiful and chubby 4months old niece was very healthy and loud. Everything was great since birth till 10 days ago Saturday 17th Jan15.

When it was feeding time, she didn't want to drink at all. She seems to lost her appetite and keep crying. With worried she was brought to the hospital. She was found dehydrated and was on drip than admitted. After 2 days In the hospital, she had been crying non stop day and night.

On 19th Jan, she seems to be super tired and she started to go into "sleeping mode" her eyes are shut close and almost with no physical movement. Her volume of her cries had went down almost totally and wasn't even crying with sound. She was changed to ICU for better monitor and precaution. As she could not eat and was on feeding tube. Antibiotic was also given.

Her condition went on for one week. With many testes of her blood, spinal cord blood, urine, stool, ct scan, MRI scan and etc. The doc came back with results but could not detect any virus or answer to what causes.

On the 27th Jan after all the monitoring and results, she was moved back to the normal ward. She was still on feeding tube and still sleeping. compare to a week ago she had slight movement and had some voice back with some cries. But she was still sleeping and not opening her eyes.

No doctors have an answer answer to it and all we were told was to wait...
*she had her 4in1 and Rota virus vaccine on the 15th Jan.

Please if you have cime accross such situation please reply to this post or email directly to

Thank you all in advance.

Ivan Chua

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