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First consultation

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First consultation

Postby nishinn » Mon, 16 Dec 2013 12:21 pm

Hi Friends

I am an Indian and living in Singapore with my husband. My husband is an EP holder

Just found out that I'm pregnant, I took home pregnancy test and it was positive, this would be my 5th week now. I am yet to go for my first checkup.Made an appointment with Thomson Women’s Clinic, Ang mo kio for dec 19..

I am thinking of having delivery in India. I will be here till my seventh month.Please suggest me which hospital would be best for me (am being in Dependent Pass)with reasonable price and nice for consultation. What would be the rough cost for the monthly checkups, scans, medicines

your replies would be very helpful to me ..


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Postby Beeroclock » Mon, 16 Dec 2013 2:20 pm

Congratulations. We have delivered at Parkway East and went to a gynae there we were happy with, but a big part of our choice was based on the hospital for delivery, which is not an issue for you. I think standard check-up/consultant costs approx $50 plus $80 for a scan. They tend to scan every visit here, which we feel is excessive/unnecessary, but if you can claim back from company then why not? If I was paying from own pocket I would push back and opt for only the usual scans 12/20 week as practiced elsewhere. They might recommend a lot of other tests and extras too (e.g multivitamins, fish oil). If you're trying to manage the cost you need to push them to explain the reasons for all the tests, if they are optional/necessary, do your own research too and them make an informed decision. I recall the detailed scan and testing around 20 week is substantially more expensive. Also the supplements maybe you can buy them at better value outside, if you decide you want to take them. They usually offer packages from month 4 onwards but I doubt it the package will be economic if you are leaving at month 7.

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Re: First consultation

Postby nakatago » Mon, 16 Dec 2013 2:34 pm

nishinn wrote:I am thinking of having delivery in India. I will be here till my seventh month.s

Check well ahead of time what your intended airline's policy on pregnant flyers. IIRC, 7 months is the fine line as some airlines won't let some people fly anymore.

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Postby Wd40 » Mon, 16 Dec 2013 3:53 pm

When my wife was pregnant we went to George Mariamma at KK Hospital. She is very experienced and good. The check ups were on a monthly basis and bill was ~$100 every visit. There is one checkup at 20th week which is kind of extensive and I think that costs $300.

Only downside with George Mariamma is she is extremely busy, lots of people queuing for her and she doesnt attend you for more than like 5 mins. She is not the types that will kind of give you lots of pep talk or lots of chat. She looks at the report and tells everything ok and wont let you ask too many questions. I guess she is so experienced so you just need to trust her.

Any hospital is fine just stay away from the expat-ty hospitals like Gleneagles. I heard a doctor there asks you to visit every 2 weeks, kind of very expensive.

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