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Postby Saint » Tue, 20 Aug 2013 12:06 pm

the lynx wrote:
Stevie_W wrote:
Akimbo wrote:
Stevie_W wrote:Right. So there's been a few posts here and seems people are up for meeting up, but that's about as far as it's gone.......all talk and no action.
So, how about getting together say Friday 23rd for a bit of food and drink?

Just go to Saint's Juban Stand for FNDC this Fri...that one's not all talk and no action.

I'd better get free drinks for this, Saint... :P

Last time i tried to go to one of these, i couldn't find the group and the bar staff had no idea who they were. Actually, it was the only time i went and have tried going again.

I can assure you the staff won't mess up this Friday. Saint will make sure of that!

Normally that there-is-no-such-thing-as-FNDC-tonight fiasco is because the waiters/waitresses are not informed by their supervisors and managers about the group. Sometimes Waitress A will say "Don't know" and then you ask Waiter B few minutes later and he promptly ushers you to the FNDC table. This happens.

As Lynx asys, will definitely not be a problem Friday :wink:

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