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American/Aussie Starting local schools in Primary 4

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American/Aussie Starting local schools in Primary 4

Postby littlered » Tue, 05 Feb 2013 8:48 am

We are an American family currently residing in Australia who are considering a move to Singapore. Our children would need to attend local schools as schooling won't be in the package.

One child is in Grade 1 and another in Grade 4. The school year is the same here, however, I am concerned that our child in grade 4 will not be up to speed in math. He achieves above grade level here in all subjects, but I'm sure that math standards are lower.

Does anyone have any experience with a child moving from Australian or American schools into local schools in Grade 3 or 4? I would love any information. What do they do for MT?

I have spoken to MOE and am in the process of contacting schools re: vacancies. I know this is a problem in and of itself...

I have scanned and searched this forum in every way I can think of and would love for anyone to chime in. Any other relevant information is also appreciated.


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Postby movingtospore » Sun, 10 Feb 2013 4:02 pm

It is NOT easy to get a spot in local schools as a newly arrived foreigner. We tried two years in a row and were declined. There was one primary school way out by the airport that said OK, but that would have been an absurd commute for the children. If I were you I would try to get admission before you come (which they likely won't allow, as any of the few places for foreigners are given out on a lottery system).

MOE's web site has the details on how to register.

Re maths, yes, your children will probably be behind as kids seem to go to school f/t from 3 years of age here.

Although it's costing a small fortune, as it turns out I'm happy we've opted for International Schools.

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Postby katbh » Mon, 17 Jun 2013 6:07 pm

Yes, the standard is higher, but I suspect for you P4 child, it will not be an issue. If he/she is confident in maths in Australia they will catch up quickly. Also the difference is not so marked in P4. As they higher in years, the pace accelerates and it is harder to move between schooling systems.
The real difference is the type of questions asked. Get a few exam papers and see how they go. Just remember that the questions are very rarely one step - unlike in Aus - and they will try to trick you. There will be 2 or more steps even for the multiple choice questions. You can get the papers on line - just do a google search for Singapore p4 maths exam papers. Make sure you are on a Singapore web site for the papers you find. This is because in America some schools teach 'Singapore Maths' but it is different.
I have 5 children in local schools from P3 - Tertiary and they have all done very well academically, and yes, we are Ang Moh - so yes, I do have some experience.
Good luck

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