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Red Rice Vinegar

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Red Rice Vinegar

Post by ksl » Wed, 05 Mar 2008 7:39 pm

Just to prove a point about how health vinegars, are taking the world by storm....and how pharmacological companies have stolen the ingredients, from Chinese rice and called them drugs, these unethical companies, that poach and steal, everything to do with Chinese traditions, then have the government behind them, to make all products unavailable, unless registered as a drug.

What there biggest threat, is that drinking vinegars, have been around thousands of years, and have survived folklore and gossip.

These wealthy medicine producing companies, believe, they have the upper hand, in the USA maybe....but the facts are proven, drinking vinegars do work....and for thousands of years, there has never been complaints.....although now vinegar makes its way from the bottom shelf, to the limelight...everyone is concerned, not that i didn't expect it.

I am also very convinced, that my two years of marketing vinegars, and the importance to sport, and weight training, on my website, is also taking effect.....ever since i dropped expensive pyruvate for drinking vinegar...and discussed it, seems to have gone around the world.

I had a email discussion with Pat Bragg, from Braggs Apple Cider, in the States, to discover, that she is a qualified nutricianist, I believe that functional foods, like vinegars will play a very important role in obesity in both Singapore and around the world.

I have contacted Jamie Oliver, also to discuss, the importance of Singapore and chinese vinegars for health, it will be interesting to see, how vinegars take off. But a word of warning, many vinegars on the market, are not good, the ingredients, are not healthy, some are made with distilled vinegar, and white vinegar, with no health properties at all.

Only last week I was discussing with a Japanese, who requested more information, on health, they were vinegar drinkers, and she showed me the bottle, a produce from a very well known manufacturer in Japan....Unfortunately...they had made the vinegar, with the cheapest method make high was made of water and acetic acid, with fruit juice added....which is not a fermented, health drink, because there is no health properties in pure acetic acid and water.

The health properties come from the millet, rice, sorghum, fruits and yeasts, that are fermented together. Be careful when buying health products ... statin.htm

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