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old guy

Post by Carpe Diem » Tue, 23 Aug 2005 9:41 pm

A seventy-five years old guy is crying in a bar, so the bartender approaches him and asks what's wrong

The old man: " I just got married to a twenty-five year old woman".

The bartender nods his head and says: "Don't worry, it may seem that
you don't have a lot in common but maybe this is an opportunity for
each of you to grow"

The old man shakes his head saying: :No, that's not the problem! We have
everything in common! She is smart, funny and wonderful

The bartender looks at the man confused, then says: "So you are worried
she just married you for your money?"

The old man says: "No.... she has twice the money I do"

The bartender is even more confused "Is it problem? I know a
great urologist"

The old man just shakes his head and howls: "No, no we make love perfectly"

The bartender gives him a look of bewilderment and says "It sounds
like you have the perfect relationship. Why are you crying ?"

The old man answers "I can't remember where I live!!"
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