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Looking for a partner to join beginners tennis classes with me at City Square

Posted: Tue, 27 Oct 2015 10:55 pm
by rpkhere

I am looking for a tennis class partner for beginners (I am a complete newbie). We will be 2 of us getting coached in the tennis court at City Square residences, Farrer Park. The charges will be 80 SGD per class which will get split between us - so 40 SGD each. Most likely we will join a 20 class session. A 4-5 member group class costs 30 SGD per class outside - I think this is a decent deal. I am in touch with someone who can offer the classes but do not know anyone to partner with.

There are no charges for using tennis court at City Square. We would need to buy a racquet though. :)

Please send me a personal message through this forum - we can take it forward.

The timings would most likely be weekday evenings say 730 to 830 or 8 to 9 types. We can also fix a time on weekends. We can be in touch through whatsapp and fix the times.

I am 31/M/Expat Indian. Would prefer someone who stays at City Square or is close enough so that we can be quick and flexible on timings.

Please be real and genuine. Slightly urgent - so please contact ASAP.