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26/m looking to meet people

Posted: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 8:27 pm
by rparis
Hey everyone,

I just moved here from the US (washington DC area) to join my girlfriend (also from the states).

I am just looking to meet some people outside of her and her friends. We both like to have somewhat of a separate social life every once in a while. So let me know if anyone wants to grab a drink or get a bite to eat downtown or near east coast. I am free almost any night. I am unbiased as to age/sex/race. I am really up for hanging out with anyone.

A little bit about me:
As I said, I am from the US and just got a job here. I arrived about a week ago. I am a big sports fan, and am really looking to pick up something new (cricket or football, when in rome right?). So would love for someone to get me up to speed. Back home I was, and still am, a huge ice hockey fan. So if there are any hockey people out there, I am dying to talk hockey. But other things will do too : ).

Anyways, respond to the thread or email me at If anything, itll be nice to grab some food with a new person.