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"Life is a Beach" Party at sentosa!!

Posted: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 11:07 am
by AnshSGP
Hello People!!

It's been 2 years here but Iwas away from partying for a while due to busy and tyring schedule... Now that I wanna add some spice to my life, I found myself amidst boring (married) uncles and aunts in my office... I know I sound like a loner :D but yes I am looking for fun people of my age group to party with...There's this grand beach party @ sentosa on 23rd Aug (coming Saturday) which happens twice a year (Jan & Aug).. I had been there in 2012 and it's really awesome with over 1.5k participants... I have puchased my ticket for this event and now looking for few more like-minded people to go with...

Anybody wanna join??... by the way I am 26 M