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Children maintenance payments - in advance or in arrears?

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Children maintenance payments - in advance or in arrears?

Post by PolishAussie » Wed, 01 Nov 2017 5:48 pm


In Singapore are children maintenance payments (following a divorce) to be made in advance or in arrears?

My view is that they are paid in advance like any other payment (mortgage loan, car loan, school fees, insurance, flight, etc) rather than in arrears like a usage based service like utilities, mobile phone bill, etc.

For example, if payment is made on the 20th of each month then this covers the 20th of that month until the 19th of the next month.

I tried finding specific guideline (law?) using Google but couldn't find anything.

Can someone provide specific links for Singapore law or at least common practice.


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Re: Children maintenance payments - in advance or in arrears?

Post by sundaymorningstaple » Wed, 01 Nov 2017 8:52 pm

Pay it in advance that way both bases are covered. After that it's no longer relevant until the last payment (whenever that may be). :cool:

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Re: Children maintenance payments - in advance or in arrears?

Post by PNGMK » Thu, 18 Jan 2018 3:56 pm

If you don't pay it in advance you risk your ex running to the FC and making a scene... they will (and did to me) ask for proof of payment. Better to look the good guy/girl.

Ok on re-reading I get the sense that you're the custodial parent. In that case explain to the none custodial parent that the child is on half rations this month until a payment is received.

FFS I hate these sorts of things. I've never missed a CS payment (and have coughed up much more and pay $600 more than the agreed amount due to inflation and growth) in over 12 years. I have NO idea if I'm paying in advance or arrears.
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