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Wingwomen Mission Impossible

Posted: Wed, 11 Sep 2019 4:00 pm
by amui
It is sort of girly topic but I thought I could share this mission here and see whether there would be comments about this topic

Is it middle age crisis? I don't think so [-X but most of my friends have left Singapore and some who still live here are kind of in "retiring" mode :shit: . So, no more night out, no drinking (although I do not drink at all), no night out where we would just do people watching or "check out this guy, he has a weird hairdo", clubbing, hanging out at bars, etc. Even if we do go out, it would be just girls hanging out talking about work, life, etc. :???:

Few of my colleagues think I should find more friends, who would not only be friends to hang out with, but also can be your wingwomen :girl: . Get "fresh air' with new friends. So I have been given a task to find new friends / wingwomen, with a deadline by mid Dec 2019. Talking about deadline :shock: #-o

I don't think there would be any collateral damage for taking this task. But I think it would be an interesting topic to share and exchange opinion in this forum.

Re: Wingwomen Mission Impossible

Posted: Mon, 16 Sep 2019 10:29 am
by abbby
Yes, I think, as you grow older, sometimes there's not much of a mood to go drinking, pubbing, hangout and just want to stay at home and catch up on Netflix. But it's always nice to have a few good friends to share your happiness and woes, gossips once in a while. I know what you mean, sometimes, I too, feel too lazy or tired to make that extra effort going out, making new friends. There are a few ladies (in their 20s though) looking to make new friends. What's your age group?

Re: Wingwomen Mission Impossible

Posted: Mon, 16 Sep 2019 11:28 am
by amui
Going 40 soon. Well, yes that is very true. Aging comes in package but I don't think I want to be someone who would stay indoor most of the time. There are time I want to go out but most of my girls are either married & have kids, or prefer to stay indoor. Others that like to go out have left Singapore for good. Not easy to get them to come out and chill.