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Talk about Foreign Trade

Posted: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 11:22 am
by mmmaweiyuan
I started my SOHO journey with 10,000 yuan of funds. Although I was prepared for a long way, I felt more secure because I had customers who would definitely place orders. The only thing I had to do was to get their orders as soon as possible, because my funds could not last long and I would die if I delayed.

In order to get their orders, I lied that I joined other companies. In fact, I am a 30-flat-space bag company. I promise that the price is better than before. The terms of the transaction are the same as before. One month account period, free sample testing quality and a series of support. At the same time, I also need to win the same support from the supplier, otherwise I can't afford the money, even if I can't afford it. If you get an order, you will die if you don't have money to pay for it. (Some people may ask, why don't you borrow money to turn around? Let's talk about it next time. In this way, I got some orders, although not big, but can make the whole thing work properly, slowly, the former customers, one by one back.

At this time, I think of my big client, although I do not have 100% confidence to take it down, but I know that if I take this customer, I will survive.... But it is not easy to take it down? I am the only one, this matter is no drama, even if the customer orders, I dare not accept, and eventually will kill the customer, by the way, I will also kill myself.

I have analyzed that to take this order, I need a letter of purchasing, not only to have an advantageous price, but also to have quality assurance, which is the main reason why I can not do this case alone. I have not believed in the procurement channels, can not guarantee the quality of the final products. As the saying goes, gentlemen love money, take it wisely, I value long-term cooperation. I would rather not do it than pit my customers. Moreover, this opportunity is the best chance for me to live a long and stable life.

A person came to my mind, my previous company's purchasing, (besides, purchasing can not be random, you know), in order to get his support, I put out 30% of the profits as a return, and my only requirement is to have superior prices and guarantee authentic products, so everything is ready, only owe Dongfeng, this Dongfeng is to convince customers to turn the order...

Re: Talk about Foreign Trade

Posted: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 11:24 am
by mmmaweiyuan
Everything is ready, I only owe Dongfeng. Talking about this customer is the most important battle of my whole soho. As I said, if I take this customer, I will really survive. But I can't imagine that this company will become my top client and occupy 70% of my whole business income. This is a bonus. (At that time, the orders of customers were not large, and they were cultivated step by step.)

After communicating with my former purchasing colleague, I began to prepare to talk with this customer about cooperation, mainly around two aspects, one is what I can do for you and how can I do? Very straightforward, maybe the first two orders are completed by me, before and after we contact very frequently, there is a certain basis for trust, but this time, I do not say that I am an employee of other companies, but to discuss cooperation with customers as soho, as soho, the most important advantage is that I can decide the price, help customers do cost down, the shortcomings are real. I am too weak, and only one person, plus a part-time purchasing, may cause customers to lose confidence in us. Of course, I have certain basic conditions to talk about this case in this way (know what customers want and what they don't care about). At first, I thought that customers would refuse. Unexpectedly, customers would like to talk about it and give me suggestions. By analyzing the risks of their next case, for me, when I make sure that I can control the price and guarantee the quality, I have a bottom line on this case, at least I know that I can afford the worst.

Two months later, after a series of actions, such as quotation, cost down plan, sample confirmation, supplier selection and finished product proofing, I finally got a lot of orders from customers. When customers sent me their production plan, I was really very, very excited. This feeling is the same as that I should have successfully got a job in the UK. Laughing is from my heart. You can't stop smiling, and the way we cooperate is a little different. Surface is my customer, according to the normal process, but in fact, I am the PM of this case, responsible for domestic production and reporting to customers, tracking the whole line.

After taking this case, I really set foot on the road of soho. Especially for the first order of the customer, I got an advance payment of tens of thousands of dollars. In our words, it's angel capital. It gives me a long enough security period to develop more new customers.

Side Topic: What kind of customers do you choose? I personally prefer small-scale customers, one is that orders have a considerable profit, the other is that customers do not care about your size, they only care about your services and products in the end can not, sometimes they are worried that they are too small, they feel embarrassed. Big customers are more difficult for SOHO friends to get because you have to go through the process of selecting suppliers, which is the same as a company recruiting employees, you have to be a graduate to apply.

However, the size of the customer is small, it can grow and grow slowly, or exploit other needs of customers, and get more orders, no matter which, there are unexpected results, and I use this second development of customer needs to get more orders.

For new SOHO friends, you start from 0, customers are everywhere. The most important thing is that you take the initiative to get them. Don't worry about them rejecting you, spraying you, or hating you. Most customers are very polite. Yes or no, what you have to do is to get as many yes customers as possible and talk about no customers as yes. Sales is very realistic and rejection is normal. It doesn't mean that they don't approve of you, but they don't know you. Don't dare to dial a phone because of one or N times of No. Of course, you should be ready to attack again, or you will waste the customer resources you search for.