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Learn Lessons from Customers

Posted: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 11:09 am
by mmmaweiyuan
But recently encountered a thing, I think we should reflect on, here to report to you.

A Nigerian customer who has cooperated for many years, came to me on July 11, not because of the order, but because of the high tariff. Why did he cooperate for so many years? Recently, he came back to settle accounts for this matter. The reasons and consequences are as follows:

This customer has his own freight forwarder in Guangzhou. Every time the goods are delivered to Guangzhou, his freight forwarder helps him to ship to Nigeria. In May, he sent a model to the customer. But it took the customer nearly a month and a half to receive the goods, and the process of receiving the goods made the customer very uncomfortable.

Because I, customers and forwarders are in a group. A week or so after the delivery, the customer asks if the goods have been delivered. Without a response from the forwarder, I return to the customer and say that it has been sent, and call the forwarder to confirm that the goods have indeed been sent. I asked him to follow up, what is the situation of the goods, because the delayed sample will also affect my cooperation with customers, let him refresh. The forwarder said that she would go to check, and 4/5 days later, there was no response.

Customers also ask in groups at both ends of three days, but the forwarder just doesn't give a reply. What's wrong with the goods? The customer asked me to contact the forwarder and ask him what the situation was. Later, I called him and asked, "What's the situation with the goods now?" The freight forwarder said that because of the small sample size, it was packed into other boxes to deliver the goods together, and the goods were checked at the local customs, and then the customer's sample was detained incidentally. I asked him why you didn't tell the customer directly. She said she couldn't get through to her clients. This reason is too funny, one listen is an excuse, the phone can not get through, you are in the group to explain the situation to customers ah, everyone in a group, so as not to worry about customers. I said you made things clear in the group, and then she said a lot of Barabara in poor English in the group. There was no sense of responsibility at all. That is to say, they could not control the delivery of the goods. The model was too small to be put in other boxes to deliver the goods together. He had tried his best to follow up such nonsense, not even a basic apology.

Later, the client talked to me in private that they were unreliable and always did not answer his questions. When this happened, he did not tell him that his customers were lost. Because I try to return to customers as soon as possible, see the information, so the customer shipment problems, come to me "complain" for comfort. I asked him what happened to this freight forwarder. He said that it was introduced by his friends and had been good before. I don't know why this time. I will tell him, otherwise, I will use our own freight forwarder to help you walk around next time, the customer said yes.

Customers are like this, 99 times done well, one time screwed up, he "defected", so realistic!

Later, the goods were found and proved to be all right. However, the goods were returned to China and re-arranged for delivery. It was almost a month and a half when the customers received the goods. Moreover, the customers paid about 500 RMB, which was estimated to be the cost of customs clearance or other expenses. But I did not ask clearly, which led to the same problem later. I should go too!

Re: Learn Lessons from Customers

Posted: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 11:10 am
by mmmaweiyuan
Later, when customers placed orders, they used our freight forwarders, and the cost was almost the same. Before delivery, I sent him an invoice and asked him to confirm it (my intention is to avoid paying taxes by making low value, but I also made it clear. According to experience, most of the customers know what is going on, but he didn't even know it afterwards). See if there is any problem, if there is no problem, we will deliver the goods, but the customer did not reply, because the customer did not reply. In order to catch up, I sent it out to him, so I planted the seeds unhappily.

The forwarder arrived in a week, and the customer told me in a Wei letter that he had been informed that the goods had arrived.

However, the client said that he had to pay $100, which was incomprehensible. He said that he had paid the DHL fee. I told him that the tariff was not shipping. He said that I should have told him earlier. I told him that every country needs tariffs on imports (I thought he knew about it, but that's not the case, I thought).

And then he said, Honestly this is bad business for me. My God, we are all men, come out and preach!

It's not our fault at all. Why is it Bad Business? Customers themselves should understand the minimum rules, but I still resist sending him a patient explanation, telling him that I gave him the invoice because it was the actual amount, so it's normal to pay taxes. This time, I regret that I didn't confirm it with you in advance (although it's true). But next time we can communicate that if you have no problem clearing customs, we can do low invoice declaration value, so you don't have to pay tax, and give him a screenshot of how other customers "teach us how to make low invoice amount" and "reasonably avoid switch tax".

Because it was late, I lay in bed, not easy to type, so I always spoke to him in voice. Later, he ignored me, presumably enlightened. He didn't bother me about it anymore. He probably realized that he was responsible. I believe he will come back to me only if he has one.

Re: Learn Lessons from Customers

Posted: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 11:11 am
by mmmaweiyuan
What I want to say is:

1. We don't think it's necessarily right. This customer has cooperated for so many years, but he doesn't know how to pay taxes. I'm curious about how the former forwarder delivered the goods.

2. We should not make our own opinions on the matter of reasonable avoidance of switching tax, but we can make it clear to customers whether to operate or not.

3. It doesn't make sense to help customers find solutions to problems at the first time and not to conceive who is responsible for them.

Re: Learn Lessons from Customers

Posted: Thu, 18 Apr 2019 7:48 pm
by tiktok
Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel? You seem to be holding something back.

Re: Learn Lessons from Customers

Posted: Thu, 18 Apr 2019 8:34 pm
by sundaymorningstaple
He's still trying to figure out how to advertise his company without advertising it as I've already redacted his initial foray early on (post 2 or 3). I'm watching and will nail him to the wall when he does. Meanwhile it's interesting to see a long-winded Asian on the forum (or anywhere come to think about it - it's usually a hodge-podge of English-sms-singlish. At least he's trying.

Re: Learn Lessons from Customers

Posted: Fri, 19 Apr 2019 9:08 am
by tiktok
Matching brackets usually aid readability ;)

Re: Learn Lessons from Customers

Posted: Fri, 19 Apr 2019 7:14 pm
by sundaymorningstaple