Covid in Wales: Isolation for double-jabbed contacts to end

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musical box
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Covid in Wales: Isolation for double-jabbed contacts to end

Post by musical box » Sat, 31 Jul 2021 5:32 am

If double jabbed then no need to self isolate if close contact of Covid positive person.

First country in the world.

When is Sg going to follow?

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Re: Covid in Wales: Isolation for double-jabbed contacts to end

Post by sundaymorningstaple » Sat, 31 Jul 2021 1:34 pm

Is that double jab going to stop the Delta or Gamma variants? How do you know if you are talking to someone who is not vaccinated has which variant (if infected). This is going to be interesting.
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Myasis Dragon
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Re: Covid in Wales: Isolation for double-jabbed contacts to end

Post by Myasis Dragon » Sat, 31 Jul 2021 10:38 pm

We are getting a lot of half information in the news media here in the USA.

For example, yes, it is true that vaccinated people can become infected (ie, carry the virus in their nostrils), but, THEY DON"T GET SICK. They are asymptomatic. The vaccine works. Only a very few articles point out this salient fact.

But now, we've got people yelling that vaccinated people need to wear masks. Why? Vaccinated people don't get sick. Oh... it's the unvaccinated, non-masking morons that get sick, contract Covid, end up in the hospital, and die.

And now, those who behave responsibly and get vaccinated are being asked to change their behaviors to protect the health of those who won't. And frankly, I say, "f*ck em!"

In the USA 99.5 percent of all new cases are amongst unvaccinated people. It is the unvaccinated people who put those who cannot take the vaccine at risk.

Therefore, I propose that as a matter of policy, insurance claims for Covid related sickness be denied if the person is willfully unvaccinated.

Now perhaps it sounds rather chickenshit, but the next time I go to Home Depot, I'm not wearing a mask. Those folks not wearing a mask who are vaccinated know they are OK, and if you're one of those unvaccinated clowns not wearing a mask, and you catch Covid from me as a vaccinated carrier, well, "Tough shit, get vaccinated."

All of my friends, all of my family, and all of my neighbors are vaccinated. We get together without fear of transmission. Where would we pick up a viral load to retransmit? From some unvaccinated yahoo that has Covid.

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