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Post by saturdaynitespecial » Fri, 18 May 2007 8:11 pm

Life is your brief moment under the Sun;
an accident or a freakish occurrence or an anomaly in a lifeless Universe

Life is that faint shimmering sparkle that lights up the vast space between and in an otherwise dark and empty Universe
Life is the birth of hope and the continuous cycle of renewed existence
Life is the ability to perceive the Universe from an external perspective rather than be subsumed entirely in its evolution
Life is the transient passage of existence that inevitably leads to the end
Life is the process by which you come to grips with your mortality and the fact that death is a certainty
Life is the discovery of consciousness and then the pain of losing the same
Life is also a b*tch, so shaddup and get on with it

Serious answer:
you eat, live, copulate, and die.
every living thing on earth follows that pattern.

maybe not those single cell organisms, since they get jiggy with every nano seconds.
tell u one secret.
whoever wrote 'secret of living life' is a stupid, arrogant person. because, he/she hasn't come to the end of the road yet. so what right has he/she got to say about THE living? It infact should be written by a dead person.


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Post by Kats_ » Fri, 18 May 2007 9:33 pm

It's just friday night pal!

I shall deal with Saturday night when it comes ;)
tonton toto, ton thé t'a t-il ôté ta toux?

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