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by winnieleng89
Mon, 17 Jul 2006 8:57 pm
Forum: Airline Careers
Topic: SIA cabin crew
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hihi ppl... today swim rd elimination rate was about 50% (35/70) ....surprisingly.....those who got in are ordinary looking but of cos got really pretty ones too..and they actually eliminate those whom we thought are really good (gd skin, tall,posture,etc).... yet they kept those who got blemishes ...
by winnieleng89
Tue, 27 Jun 2006 7:53 pm
Forum: Airline Careers
Topic: japan airlines is recruiting right now!! check it out NW! (:
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japan airlines is recruiting right now!! check it out NW! (:

hey for those who are interested!! JAL is recruiting in singapore now! check out this website. requirements 1. Minimum 3 GCE ‘O’ levels with at least a credit in English. 2. Must be conversant in English and Mandarin. Knowledge of the Japanese language wo...
by winnieleng89
Sat, 24 Jun 2006 4:23 pm
Forum: Airline Careers
Topic: when is the next SIA recruitment?
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Re: Flight attendant recruitment event

jgorgona wrote:They will not let you in if you are too tall and I was not too tall, they are not hiring, they are probably just required to hire for a hub, be careful!

whats is the max. height for air-stewardess? (:
by winnieleng89
Thu, 22 Jun 2006 4:26 pm
Forum: Airline Careers
Topic: Do I need to have flawless skin?
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i dont tink it is necessary 2 have white skin. if your skin is dull, i guess they can still accept u provided u dont have those pigmentation? if u really desire to become one FA, u can consider undergoing some facial treatment to get rid of those pigmentation. however, i have some enquiries. if ther...

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